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Staff Contacts

Our Academy office staff can be contacted via 0191 563 4180 or

Reception is open from 8:30am to 3:45pm Monday to Friday.

Leadership Team

Mrs Keeley Wood (Executive Principal)

Mrs Yvonne Moore (Head of School)

Mr Chris Mitchinson (Deputy Headteacher)

Miss Suzanne Gilley (Leadership)

Mrs Lisa Collins (SENDCO)

Mrs Deanne McLoughlin (School Business Manager)

Teaching Staff

Miss Louise Eltringham (2 year old Lead Practitioner)

Ms Hayley Wooton (Nursery teacher)

Miss Skye Lowes (Reception teacher)

Mrs Lisa Collins (Reception teacher)

Mrs Fiona Fairless (Year 1 teacher)

Mrs Caroline Bridges (Year 1 teacher)

Mrs Victoria Scott (Year 2 teacher and English Lead)

Miss Lauren Sills (Year 2 teacher)

Mr Karl Donaldson (Year 3 teacher)

Miss Jasmine Black (Year 4 teacher)

Mr Elliott Butt (Year 5 teacher)

Miss Suzanne Gilley (Year 5 teacher)

Miss Atqiya Begum (Year 6 teacher)

Mrs Jessica Kemp

Support Staff

Mrs Jacqueline Jackson (HLTA)

Miss Julie Redpath (HLTA)

Miss Louise Eltringham (HLTA)

Mrs Alahnna Reay (HLTA)

Mrs Louise Chisholm (teaching assistant)

Miss Kristy McCardle (teaching assistant)

Miss Bethany Fletcher (teaching assistant)

Miss Anita Rogers (teaching Assistant)

Miss Tracy Jensen (teaching assistant)

Miss Emma Collins (teaching assistant)

Miss Helen Gordon (teaching assistant)

Mrs Antonia Rose (office administrator)

Mr Dave Mollison (site supervisor)

Mrs Samantha Hodgson (teaching assistant)